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Directions: DO NOT USE IF SEAL IS BROKEN. Prior to using this product, read the package insert and visit www.mitwellness.com for comprehensive directions, disclaimers, terms, and warnings. By using this product or opening its seal, you agree to the terms at www.mitwellness.com. Consult a licensed healthcare provider to determine if this product is suitable for you and receive guidance on safe usage. Discuss potential interactions or complications with your healthcare provider before using this product, including advisement on enzyme inhibition related to CYP enzymes.

Do not use this product if you have a serious medical condition or take prescription medications. Avoid combining this product with any other substances, including other kratom products. Inform your healthcare provider of all substances you take, as well as the alkaloid content on this package and any prior kratom usage.

This information is not a substitute for professional healthcare advice. Limit usage to 1 extract capsule or ½ bottle of liquid extract within 24 hours and no more than 5 days per month.

Warning: This product is a kratom extract, NOT raw leaf. It contains significantly higher levels of mitragynine and other alkaloids, resulting in increased potency. Exercise caution and consult your healthcare professional before using any kratom product. Mitragyna Speciosa usage can pose risks, including adverse health effects, seizures, liver damage, withdrawal, addiction, abuse, and death. Review the FDA’s advisories and commentary on kratom at their website.

Do not take other kratom products or substances within 24 hours before and after using this product. Use Kratom Extract only if you have previously taken non-extract kratom without adverse effects. Avoid using this product for multiple consecutive days, either alone or combined with other kratom products. Mixing kratom extracts with other substances can lead to dangerous interactions. Refrain from using this product with medications, supplements, or other substances, including other kratom products. Do not use if pregnant, breastfeeding, or if you have a medical condition affecting blood, liver, kidneys, blood pressure, heart, or the central nervous system. Do not use this product while operating vehicles or heavy machinery. Seek immediate medical attention if you experience adverse effects. This product is not intended for daily or consecutive use.

Disclaimer: This product has not been evaluated by the FDA and is not intended for consumption. By using this product, you accept full responsibility for any consequences arising from its use. Manufacturers assume no liability for the product’s use or misuse. Only for use as a botanical specimen. Not recommended for long-term or consecutive use.

Do not alter packaging for retail sales.

NOT FOR SALE TO MINORS! 18+ ONLY (TENNESSEE 21+ ONLY). Keep out of reach of children.



You must be 18+ or 21+ if in Texas or Tennesse to purchase Kratom products