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Shawn Duncan - Chief Operations Officer of MitWellness

Shawn Duncan – Chief Operations Officer of MitWellness.​

Shawn Duncan, a seasoned executive with a diverse background in multiple industries, currently serves as the Chief Operating Officer at MitWellness. Joining the team in July 2022, Shawn has quickly made his mark by significantly scaling the manufacturing production within just two months of his arrival.

With an impressive career spanning 28 years, Shawn has cultivated a wealth of experience in sales and management. His expertise encompasses a wide range of fields, such as accounting, business oversight, and executive leadership. Throughout his professional journey, Shawn has left an indelible impact on various sectors, including the automotive, mortgage lending, and shipping/freight logistics industries.

As a highly skilled supervisor, Shawn has effectively managed large teams of employees across all the industries he has been involved in. In addition to his robust management skills, he holds licenses in life, health, property, and casualty insurance.

Shawn’s entrepreneurial spirit is evident in his successful track record of growing start-ups and expanding distributorships. As the Chief Operating Officer of MitWellness, Shawn continues to drive the company’s growth and ensure operational excellence, further solidifying his reputation as a dynamic and results-driven leader.


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