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Is Kratom legal in Missouri?

Is Kratom Legal in Missouri?

Yes, kratom is legal in Missouri. The state of Missouri is beloved for being the birthplace of Mark Twain, the Lake of the Ozarks and its overall, natural vistas. Considering how much the state is in tune with the nature surrounding it, it makes sense why a lot of citizens wonder if the herb is legal in the state. If you are one such concerned citizen, you would be happy to know that Missouri has not imposed any legislation that specifically bans or criminalizes the sale, possession, or use of Kratom. Now, we know what you’re thinking – “But why is Kratom legal in Missouri?” Well, it’s all thanks to the hard work of the American Kratom Association (AKA) and other kratom advocates and groups who have fought against kratom bans for kratom regulation across the country. Thanks to their efforts, Missouri has not imposed any laws prohibiting Kratom sales. If you stay in Missouri or have ever visited it, you must know how it is known as the “Show Me” state because its residents have a reputation for being skeptical. Well, when it comes to Kratom, we can confidently say that Missouri has shown us that they believe in the safe and legal use of this plant!

As you can understand by now, Kratom is legal in Missouri. However, it’s a little bit more complicated than that. St. Louis, St. Charles, and Jefferson, the three counties of Missouri, previously considered banning the use of Kratom. However, no such decision was made any further. That being said, St. Charles did impose some restrictions. In St. Charles County, there is an age restriction where minors are not allowed to have access to the herb. Similarly, they have also imposed strict labeling requirements so that customers are aware of what they are purchasing.

While the kratom herb is legal in Missouri, the story is a little different over by the border in Jerseyville and Alton. There, kratom is banned completely. While Kratom remains legal in Missouri, it is always advisable to stay updated with the latest legal developments and guidelines to ensure compliance with any potential changes in the future. The law is always changing and what might be the law today, may not be tomorrow, especially for kratom. That is because the herb is not regulated at a federal level, leaving matters to states and local authorities. This creates a massive difference in legalities surrounding kratom. Regardless, there is not much to worry since the “Show Me” state isn’t likely to change its position on kratom anytime soon.

Current Legality of Kratom in Missouri

The current legality of kratom in Missouri is that it is legal. Kratom is perfectly legal in Missouri. That’s right, you can freely enjoy the potential benefits of Kratom without any legal concerns. However, you do have to be a little careful in St. Charles County. Now, we know you might be wondering why Missouri has taken such a favorable stance on Kratom. It could be that the lawmakers and officials of the state recognize the value and potential benefits of this plant. After all, Kratom has been traditionally used for centuries in Southeast Asia and has gained a dedicated following around the world. So, what does this mean for you? It means you can continue exploring the wide range of Kratom strains and products available without any legal restrictions in Missouri. However, we must emphasize that laws can change over time. While the current legal landscape is in your favor, it’s always prudent to stay informed and updated about any potential legal developments. Keep an eye out for any new laws or regulations that may come into effect, as we want you to have the most enjoyable and worry-free Kratom experience.

Kratom Laws in Missouri

Presently, kratom is still legal to possess and purchase in the state of Missouri. The exceptions are Alton and Jerseyville, which issued their own bans on a local level. State legislators do not have any proposals in front of them to consider a statewide ban or regulation at the moment.

The state’s public health department has mostly gone by the warnings issued by the Food and Drug Administration in 2017 to advise the public regarding kratom. St.Charles County, which was set to vote on a ban in the spring of 2019, has opted to delay a vote. Instead, they are taking a prolonged look at the possibility of
issuing regulatory guidelines.

With this rise in usage, there were incidents where people who consumed kratom experienced some troubling side effects and outcomes. Medical examiners in the state claimed that there were also deaths as a result of kratom use on record, although each report of the fatalities also acknowledge that there were other over-the-counter and illicit medications involved.

These incidents prompted local government officials to take the steps to put in motion a ban on kratom, with one major county taking the lead in exploring such a move early this year and two other Missouri counties issuing a ban.

Kratom Legislation in Missouri

The topic of Kratom legislation in Missouri is of much interest since Missouri is one of the few states that has rightfully taken the decision of regulating kratom. Sure, kratom has many potential benefits and can be used for various conditions. For instance, a study was published in Brain Research Bulletin in 2016 by Suhaimi, F. W. and Yusoff, stating that kratom may stimulate the release of endorphins and serotonin, contributing to improved mood and a sense of well-being. Similarly, another study by Andrew C Kruegel published in National Library of Medicine in 2016, found out that kratom has pain-relieving properties.

Despite its potential benefits, kratom is still a herb, which means that it should be regulated so that no harmful contaminants are included in the product. In that pursuit, the Kratom Consumer Protection Act (KCPA) was put forward, which looks after the ethical manufacturing of kratom. Last year in January, Missouri passed Bill SB774. with the aim of ensuring consumer safety and quality standards for Kratom products. This bill recognizes the growing popularity of Kratom and seeks to regulate its distribution and sale. The bill is in effect from the month of August in 2022 and looks after many important aspects.

Firstly, it ensures quality control. SB774 aims to establish specific guidelines and standards for the manufacturing, proper labeling, and packaging of Kratom products. This ensures that consumers have access to high-quality Kratom that is free from contaminants as well as adulterants. Secondly, it has age restrictions. The bill prohibits the sale of Kratom products to individuals under the age of 18, making sure that Kratom is responsibly consumed by adults who can make informed decisions. Lastly, the products have to be properly tested and labeled. Every vendor must conduct proper lab testing to ensure that they are selling safe products to the customers. Simultaneously, they must be labeling the products correctly too so that customers are rightfully informed about what they are buying. Products should contain the contents, dosage instructions, and any relevant warnings or disclaimers. This bill has been a great way of ensuring that customers have the right products for themselves and do not fall trap to dubious vendors who sell sub-par products. While you might get them for cheap, it’s never worth the risk of consuming dangerous ingredients that are likely to do more harm than good.

Missouri Kratom Laws FAQs

Let us take a look at Missouri Kratom Laws FAQs for kratom legality in Missouri.

You can buy kratom in Missouri in a lot of places since the herb is widely legal across the state. You can find the plant in gas stations, health stores, smoke shops, etc. But, the real question is whether you should buy from such places? You can buy kratom in Missouri in one of two ways: offline or online. By offline, we mean the physical stores that we mentioned above. While you can get kratom for cheaper in such places, it is usually not recommended since they do not go through the rigorous lab testing that online vendors do. Physical stores feature kratom products alongside other products, which means that kratom is not their speciality. Plus, they often don’t have proper labeling which means they don’t list the active ingredients. On the other hand, if you buy from online stores like ours, you can rest assured knowing that you will get safe products. Moreover, when buying from online stores, you also get to enjoy a wide range of strains and options that you normally might not get with offline stores. However, no matter what kind of store you buy from, it’s important that you do your homework before you purchase from anywhere. Make sure that the store has proper labeling and customers have had a positive experience.

Missouri residents often have the question “Will Missouri ban kratom?”. But, that’s a difficult thing to predict. Laws change constantly and we can never say for certain whether a state will ban the herb or not. However, you can be at peace right now knowing that the state isn’t likely to ban the herb in the upcoming future. Especially with the introduction of SB774, the regulation of kratom has become better, which means lawmakers of the state are finally realizing the potential of the substance. In fact, Joe Cronin, the councilman of St.Charles, tried the substance himself to see whether he had any benefits. After having some positive effects, he decided not to ban the herb but, instead, regulate it. With such enthusiastic lawmakers who are willing to make a difference, the future of kratom does not look that gloomy. The United States is becoming more open to the idea of kratom and states around the country are legalizing the herb. So, if anything, it is all heading toward a positive direction. However, the fate of kratom is dependent on the lawmakers. Therefore, kratom bills and decisions can change anytime, especially if they have any issue with kratom. Therefore, customers and the kratom industry must keep up with the laws and news to stay ahead on the legal status of kratom.


As mentioned above, you can get kratom in Missouri in a wide range of places. The herb is completely legal in the state, which is very good news for kratom enthusiasts like you. You can get the herb from offline stores like smoke shops and gas stations. However, for the reasons we mentioned above, it is better to go for trusted online kratom sellers like ourselves who are eager to make their customers happy by giving them a positive kratom experience. We are thrilled to be your go-to source for premium quality products! As a trusted vendor specializing in Kratom, we offer an extensive selection and formulations to cater to your unique needs and preferences. Apart from only selling kratom, we are also eager to educate our customers with our blog section that features information about the herb. We believe in empowering our customers with knowledge by providing informative resources about Kratom, its potential benefits, and responsible usage. We want you to make informed decisions and have a rewarding Kratom journey.

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You must be 18+ or 21+ if in Texas or Tennesse to purchase Kratom products