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MitWellness Advocates for FDA Regulation and Advancement of the Kratom Community


Miami, FL—In a recent comprehensive review conducted in Florida, significant discussions were made regarding the regulatory advancements of Kratom, a natural substance that has garnered widespread attention for its potential health benefits. MitWellness, a pioneering company in the Kratom industry, is thrilled to express its strong support for these regulatory advancements and the positive impact they will have on the Kratom community.

MitWellness has always advocated for the safe and responsible use of Kratom. The company believes that the involvement of the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) in regulating Kratom products is a crucial step toward ensuring consumer safety and maintaining high-quality standards within the industry. “Regulation is essential for the advancement of the Kratom community. It will not only protect consumers but also legitimize the use of Kratom for its many benefits,” said a spokesperson for MitWellness.

In line with its commitment to the safe and responsible advancement of Kratom, MitWellness is proud to announce its collaboration with the American Kratom Association (AKA). The partnership aims to promote research, education, and responsible Kratom consumption. By working closely with the AKA, MitWellness is dedicated to fostering a well-informed Kratom community that prioritizes consumer safety and product quality.

Furthermore, MitWellness is excited to share that Todd, a key member of the MitWellness team, has been appointed to the board of an association dedicated to the Kratom industry. This appointment underscores MitWellness’s commitment to actively shaping the future of Kratom regulation and advocacy. Todd’s involvement will undoubtedly bring valuable insights and leadership to the association, further advancing the cause of responsible Kratom use.

MitWellness eagerly anticipates the positive changes that FDA regulation will bring to the Kratom industry. The company is committed to continuing its efforts in supporting the advancement of the Kratom community, ensuring that consumers have access to safe and high-quality Kratom products. Through collaboration with organizations like the AKA and active participation in industry associations, MitWellness is leading the way in promoting a future where Kratom is recognized for its potential benefits and consumed responsibly.

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About MitWellness

MitWellness is a leading provider of high-quality Kratom products dedicated to promoting the safe and responsible use of Kratom. With a strong commitment to consumer safety, product quality, and regulatory compliance, MitWellness is at the forefront of advancing the Kratom community and ensuring that Kratom remains accessible to those who benefit from its natural properties.

About Todd Underwood

Todd Underwood, the innovative owner of MitWellness, known for its commitment to natural health solutions, has not only contributed his extensive knowledge to the Nebraska Legislature Committee on Kratom but has also shared his transformative personal journey with them. Having lived with muscular dystrophy, Underwood once relied heavily on prescription opioids to manage his condition. His discovery of kratom as a supplement marked a turning point, enabling him to eliminate his dependence on opioids. This personal experience enriched his contributions, providing invaluable insights into the potential benefits and responsible use of kratom. Underwood’s deep understanding of natural wellness, combined with his firsthand experience, has solidified his reputation as a thought leader in the kratom industry. His advocacy and involvement highlight a commitment to advancing natural supplements as viable alternatives to traditional medication, ensuring they are recognized for their therapeutic potential when used wisely and under proper guidance.

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Todd A. Underwood



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