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Todd A. Underwood

Todd A. Underwood – Kratom Expert, President & CEO of MitWellness.

Todd A. Underwood, a visionary leader in the kratom industry, currently serves as the Managing Partner of MitWellness, as well as its President and CEO. Since its inception in April 2022, Todd’s unwavering leadership has propelled the company towards unprecedented success, with projected sales surpassing $15 million in its first year alone. Currently, as President and CEO, Todd skillfully oversees a robust team of over 30 dedicated full-time employees, ensuring seamless operations at every level.

Before his illustrious journey with MitWellness, Todd held the position of Chief Operating Officer at CBD American Shaman, where he played a pivotal role in transforming it into the nation’s foremost manufacturing and franchising CBD company. With his unwavering dedication, he expanded the company’s product range from a mere 10 SKUs to an astounding 500 SKUs, and skyrocketed sales from $30,000 per month to an impressive $100 million annually.

Throughout his tenure, Todd developed a keen interest in Kratom, honing his expertise in FDA compliance, GMP manufacturing processes, and the legal nuances of Kratom across different states and municipalities. As a testament to his authority in the field, he is actively involved in furthering the agenda of of the American Kratom Association and a staunch advocate for beneficial Kratom policies nationwide by spending time and other resources.

Before delving into the botanicals industry, Todd A. Underwood amassed valuable experience in executive roles with prominent companies such as Ford, AON, and UPS. His vast accomplishments and entrepreneurial prowess have earned him features in numerous publications and documentaries, including a cover appearance in New York Magazine. Todd A. Underwood’s relentless pursuit of excellence and innovation continues to reshape the wellness landscape, as he leads MitWellness to new heights.

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