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At MitWellness, we take pride in creating the purest and best kratom extract available. We use precise servings to ensure that each product is of the highest quality, and our lab-grade kratom is second to none. You won’t find any dodgy substances in our products – only the purest alkaloids to give you the best possible results.

Our mission is to revolutionize the Kratom industry by providing high-quality, safe, and effective products that improve the lives of our customers. We believe in the power of nature, combined with cutting-edge science, to deliver an unparalleled Kratom experience that sets the standard for the industry.

MitWellness Quality Certified

MitWellness takes immense pride in being a part of the American Kratom Association (AKA) GMP Qualified Vendor Program. This distinction signifies not only our commitment to premium quality but also our dedication to ensuring the safety and satisfaction of our valued customers. By adhering to the stringent guidelines set by the AKA GMP Standards Program, we exhibit our unwavering pledge to maintain superior manufacturing processes, thereby upholding the highest standards of product integrity. This annual third-party audit, which we undergo willingly, showcases our transparency and the steps we take to align ourselves with the best industry practices. Seeing the “AKA GMP Qualified” seal on our products assures our customers of the quality and diligence we invest in each product. While the AKA provides this listing as informational, for MitWellness, it stands as a testament to our brand’s dedication to excellence, safety, and the wellness of our community.


Why Choose MitWellness products?

MitWellness developed a proprietary food-grade extraction process using all food-grade solvents to give you the cleanest extract known to man, with total alkaloids greater than 99%. Our process leaves you with a product with 0% residual solvents, 0% heavy metals, 0% pathogens, and nothing but pure natural alkaloids in their purest form, allowing us to formulate the cleanest, best-tasting shots on the market.

While touring our facility, you would see that our extract is almost pure white. If you compare the taste of our products against any other brand on the market, we by far have the best-tasting products; it’s not even close.

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The most convenient, potent, and effective way to enjoy the many benefits



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